Sun Catcher’s Day

Well, here we go.  Sun Catcher, one of our newer horses is racing today.  I have such good feelings about this horse and have my fingers crossed that I am right at least this time.

Sun Catcher’s Sire is Sun River, a magnificent horse who could wire the field.  I sure hope his son will do the same.

When I first saw Sun Catcher race, I was “over the moon” with this horse.  Well, we brought him to Arizona from California and so far have not been successful.  I think we were racing him above his head and finally he may be in a race that is better suited to his ability.  Of course our trainer, Drew Fulmer is essential to the mix and he has prepared this colt and also has high expectations.

The bookmakers expect him to come in 4th.  Well, at least they are paying some attention to him.  I am looking for a 1st — maybe too ambitious.

Of course there is so much to a win.  A good ride is important, and I think we might have that covered.  Our jockey is Rocco Bowen, a very aggressive young rider.  I have seen Sun Catcher get spooked, hopefully that won’t happen today.  Blinkers should solve that problem.  Getting a clean break is important so I hope the starter does a good job for us.  I know Sun Catcher can run fast enough and he also has the endurance for the race, so if all goes well, we will be all smiles.

With fingers and toes crossed, I will be watching my new sweet colt and hope for the best.  Of course, more important than anything is a safe race.  I always care about the safety of the horse above everything else because we can always try again as long as the horse is fit.

With all those thoughts in mind, I start my day as a horse owner and envision the best for all.

Here’s a recent picture of Sun Catcher.

phonepics 036

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