Are you ready for the Year of the Horse?

year of the horseWell, I am glad that it is soon going to be the official Chinese Year of the Horse.  Chinese New Year is tomorrow — January 31st.  In preparation for the New Year, we did some extra cleaning up at the barn to remove any bad omens of the past.  Maybe it’s crazy, but I figured it can’t hurt and we needed a little freshening up anyway.

Another thing I read about preparing for the New Year is bathing.  The article I read said bath and wash your hair on New  Year’s eve, but don’t wash your hair on New Year’s Day because you can inadvertently wash away any new good luck.  Again, crazy, but if it works, than I guess crazy is okay.

The final touch for the New Year is to wear Red.  I guess we all have at least one red shirt, so this should be easy.

Well, since our horses are doing well, I hope a little good luck is on the way.

Happy Chinese New Year and good fortune to all who read my posts.

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2 Responses to Are you ready for the Year of the Horse?

  1. Chun Kiat says:

    Hello! The year of the horse does not begin on Chinese New Year. May I invite you to read my post for the explanation 🙂

  2. dotstry says:

    Thanks for the clarification — very confusing but well written — hope others will read it too. Again thanks and Happy New Year even if I am a few days early!

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