Tonight at Eleven — race results

Here’s the latest from Turf Paradise.  It’s me, Tonight at Eleven, affectionately known as 11.  Well, I ran on Wednesday.  I couldn’t believe the odds — I guess my recent races were pretty bad, but at race time the odds were 42-1.  Well, that’s okay because horses don’t really read the odds board.


My jockey was Jennifer Reid and she did a good job.  I came in fourth in a field of ten, which isn’t great but a real improvement over my last few races so Dorothy and Drew were pleased with my performance.  I started from the 9 post, so I lost some just moving into position, but I split horses and gave it my best effort.  I ended up about 2-1/2 lengths off the leader.  Not too shabby.  The odds should be better in the next race and if I can get a better post position and another good ride, I am sure to be in the money (1st, 2nd or 3rd) the next time out.  Keep an eye out for me.  I will be looking for you too in the grand stands — just kidding.

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