Ready Set Go

photo (1)If you have previously read my posts, you know that my favorite horse is Tonight at Eleven.  He is off to the races tomorrow.

I am so exciting about his race.  He is due to win and I talked to him today so he would understand that its time for him to step up to the plate and do good.  Although in horse racing there are no guarantees of the outcome of any race, I feel confident that Tonight at Eleven will help us out and do his best.  That’s all I really expect of him.  He is far from the favorite in the race, but if all goes well, he can prove himself to all the racing fans.  He will always be the best to me.

Tonight at Eleven’s story is one of happiness, love and times of trial.  Tonight at Eleven was claimed from us and we didn’t have him for over six months.  It really broke my heart..  When we finally got him back, he was broken.  It took so much effort to get him back to his old self.  Unfortunately, with time we’ve all aged and so it is harder for him than it had been.

Tonight at Eleven is an amazing horse.  His last win was this summer in California when his odds were 54-1.  So he can do it!

I am praying that he is ready for the challenge and that the jockey will understand that he hates the rail and only wins from the outside.  It seems like an easy request, but many of the jockeys think that saving ground will help and so hard that hasn’t worked.  Luckily he got the 9 post position.  If he gets out clean, he should be able to get a good position maybe 3 wide and he will feel in control.

I got my fingers crossed — we need a win for our sanity and self-confidence and Tonight at Eleven is currently my best bet.  Most of all, we need a safe race and I always pray for that above all.   Wish us luck!!

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