Best Choice — Elusive Moment

Elusive Moment ran today in a claiming race. I am sad to say that he was claimed. I know that its part of the business, but we are sorry to see this valuable member of our family leaving us. I only hope his new owner and trainer will be good to him and will appreciate him as we have.

Sunshine Racing

In late December, I became ill and was home in bed for just over a week.  Thankfully, the internet helped keep me occupied.

I went on-line to look for horses.  I was itching for some excitement — claiming another horse was my aim.  Well, I found a horse (Contreve) that I thought was under-valued.  I texted the trainer to check out Contreve.

On January 1st, Contreve ran in a claiming race and as promised, our trainer, Drew Fulmer looked at him.  Drew had some reservations so we didn’t make the claim.  As it turned out, another very good trainer must have seen what I saw and claimed Contreve.  I was somewhat disappointed, but I trust Drew’s opinion enough to know that he was just trying to keep me out of trouble.

On February 9th, Drew called and said he had just claimed a horse, Elusive Moment.  He asked that we look at previous races and…

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