Ain’t no baby anymore — I’m a Winner!!

Hey, it’s me Ocotillo. Hurray and Congrats!! Dorothy was right — I won my first race. It was such a great feeling. I really was the fastest horse in the race, just like Dorothy told me I would be.

Tonight at Eleven, my friend and stable mate told me that I just needed to believe in myself. Well, I followed all of their advise. Oh, and of course my friend and trainer, Drew Fulmer was instrumental in my success. Dorothy said Drew is the best and I agree. Without Drew, I never would have been a race horse. He took such good care of me from day one and followed my every move. He trained me how to behave in the Paddock. He taught me how to behave in the starting gate and how to get out fast. He exercised me and took care of my health. I grew up and got stronger because he made sure I had everything I needed. Drew always knew what was best for me and he still takes special care of me. He calls me his baby, but not any more. I am all grown up and I am a winning thoroughbred race horse. Here’s a picture of Drew Fulmer right after the race.


Oh, and I even got my picture taken. I became an instant celebrity! Wow!! As I told you before, Jorge Carreno was my jockey. Here’s a picture of Jorge Carreno on me in the winner’s circle.


Jorge Carreno rode me just right. I went wire to wire. No other horse passed me, although the horse in the 5 post came close, just like Dorothy predicted. This time when I saw him coming and with a little urging from Jorge Carreno, I gave it that extra kick and we were home free.

I can hardly believe how excited I feel. When I returned to the barn after the race, I saw the big smile on Drew’s face and knew that he was proud of me. He checked me out and came to talk to me before he left for the night. He told me how good I was and I felt so proud.

All the horses cheered for me and told me I proved myself to be a valuable member of our team. Of course, all the horses got extra carrots. Carrots all around!!

Well, I am a little tired from running fast and of course from all the excitement. Now I know how lucky I am to be a thoroughbred race horse. It is such great fun to run as fast as I can imagine and to see all my fans cheering for me. Here’s a picture of me crossing the finish line like a Champion!


I almost forgot. If you read my previous story, one of my stable mates, Berry Valid said Drew knew so much about us that maybe he was part horse. That idea, which Tonight at Eleven said was ridiculous and Grey Moon laughed at, was because his Birthday is in late November and his birth sign is Sagitarius. Well, Drew Fulmer’s Birthday is next Wednesday, November 27th. I hope Dorothy plans a birthday party, because that always means extra carrots for the horses. Hope you will wish Drew a Happy Birthday.

Thanks again for keeping your fingers crossed for me and wishing me luck — believe me, it really helped.

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