Another Chance — Hey it’s me Ocotillo

Ocotillo -- 2-year old gelding

Ocotillo — 2-year old gelding

Well, they are giving me another chance to prove myself — my race date is Tuesday, November 19th. If you missed the last one, I was running like a champ according to Dorothy. Then suddenly, and it seemed out of nowhere, there were horses rushing up on me. That scared me and I decided to get out of their way. Well, I guess that wasn’t the best thing to do. I ran way wide just to get away from the herd. Dorothy told me that she understood my reaction. She said that when she is driving her car and some crazy drivers come racing past, she lets them get by. Oh, but she’s not trying to win a race. She said I don’t have to be afraid because I am faster than the other horses and all I have to do is give it a little more kick and they will stay behind me. I sure hope I can remember that when I race on Tuesday.

Anyway, Dorothy came to visit and tried to give me the skinny on all the other racers. So here goes. This is what I remember she told me. There are a total of 7 horses in the race. Three of the horses are first time starters, which means they never were in a race before. We can only hope that they are as naïve as I was in my first race. So that might help. Dorothy said although it is possible, very few first time starters are winners.

The other three horse are maidens just like me. That means none of us have won a race — this is our chance. Dorothy said that she thinks the horse next to me might get tired before the race is over. She also said that the horse in the 5 post will probably try to press the pace and I have to be careful not to get worn out before the end of the race trying to keep pace. Dorothy said the horse in post 7 hasn’t gotting out well in the past and ended up having to go wide so he had to run further and couldn’t catch up in time. Dorothy also said that none of the other horses in this race have done any better than me and if I hadn’t gotten frightened, I would have been home free.

I sure hope she is right. Dorothy made it sound pretty easy for me to win. I guess time will tell. I also talked to my friend Tonight at Eleven and he said he really understands how easily a horse can get spooked and said that’s why our trainer will use blinkers on me so I won’t get frightened so easily. Sure hope that works too. Tonight at Eleven also told me that I just need to feel confident and know that I am the fastest horse in this race and everything will just fall into place.

I do know that I have the best jockey in the field. Jorge Carreno is riding me and he has an impressive record. He also knows how I run and that should help too. In case you are not familiar with my jockey, let me tell you a little about him. Jorge Carreno is currently the top jockey at Turf Paradise. He has been a jockey since 2002 and ranked 53rd by wins in 2012. He earned over $9 million to date and has been in the money (1st, 2nd and 3rd) more than 50% of the time at Turf Paradise since this meet started in October. Pretty impressive!

I am looking forward to racing on Tuesday and hope that you will keep your fingers crossed for me. I want to see my trainer, Drew Fulmer with a big smile on this face after the race. He has the nicest smile I’ve ever seen and you would like it too. So be sure to watch our race and cheer for us. As you probably already know from reading our blog, it is a team effort with us and I want to be considered an important part of our team. So for me, winning would be a big plus.

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