Racing results

On Sunday, our beauty Berry Valid made a gallant effort. She was in the lead from the start. She was first out and ready to run. Although it appeared Berry Valid was going to win the race, in the last seconds a horse came up from behind and Berry Valid missed by a neck. Although we didn’t get the win, it was a great race. Berry Valid ran a spectacular race and made every effort. Our jockey Jorge Martin Bourdieu did everything possible to ensure a win and we were pleased with his ride.

The winner of the race was ridden by an apprentice jockey and the 5-pound allowance was surely the deciding factor. Most racing fans know the importance of weight allowances. When a jockey is overweight, it is announced prior to the race as 2 pound over, or 1 pound over, or whatever. Although it might seem slight, it can be a factor, therefore bettors are advised of these variances. When an apprentice is the rider, there is a 5-pound allowance. This is primarily to compensate for the jockey’s inexperience, so the weight helps even the odds. The 5-pound allowance is referred to as the “bug”. Having this advantage can help at times and in the stretch as in Berry Valid’s race, in my opinion, it made the difference. We are still happy with Berry Valid’s efforts and feel confident that she will continue to be a successful race horse.

Congratulations to Berry Valid and our trainer Drew Fulmer for an exciting race.

Tuesday, we had two losses. One of my favorites, Pursuxit ran so well in the start of the race, but it seems that we may have overworked him. He didn’t get a break during the summer months. Pursuxit ran in New Mexico and California. Pursuxit is such a dependable horse. He knows what is expected of him and he loves to run. Pursuxit gave us his very best and doesn’t deserve any disappointment from us. Pursuxit deserves to be admired for his tenacity and drive. He ran his very best and like all of us, just got tired.

Racing is more than just winning. Good horsemen love their horses and the horses are more important than any win. It can’t just be about the money or the win. The joy and success in horse racing is really the relationship between the horses and their owners and trainer. Our trainer, Drew Fulmer and Pursuxit have mutual respect and love for one another. They work together and as a result Pursuxit did his very best and we shouldn’t expect more. We probably will give Pursuxit a little break so he can get back to “full strength”. Look for Pursuxit in the not too distant future — he will be in the winner’s circle.

Our second loss on Tuesday was John’s Knight Out. We have struggled with this horse since we acquired him. I am unsure of the future of John’s Knight Out in our barn. He works well, is fit, but come race time, he seems to fall short. Not all good horses work well with every trainer. It may be time to consider a change of venue for John’s Knight Out. This is a decision which is often difficult to make. We get to enjoy working with all of our horses and realize that some have shortcomings. Deciding to change that relationship can be a difficult one. Luckily for me, I can leave this burden to our trainer, Drew Fulmer. I trust his judgment when it comes to all of our horses. He knows best in that respect, after all, that’s his job.

All in all, although we only got one 2nd this week, I am still pleased with our progress. As I said before, all our horses are in great shape and exceptional health. What more can you ask for? We can keep smiling knowing that our trip to the winner’s circle will be coming soon.

We have a few more horses coming up which haven’t run yet this meet. Dress Blues worked out and ran 3F in 35.8. Dress Blues had a vacation this past summer and it looks like it really was good for her. I will be sure to post when Dress Blues will run. Our other horse which hasn’t run yet this meet is Grey Moon. Grey Moon lost a little too much weight during the summer. It appears that he so enjoyed being free that he ran and ran and ran. He is an extremely fast horse and loves to be free. I am happy to say that having had a little time out this summer, he came home with a pleasant and very social attitude. Our trainer has been working with Grey Moon and I am hoping he will soon be able to compete.

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