Horseshoe Craft and Racing Update

Well, it continues to be a frustrating racing experience. Our baby Ocotillo was running like a champ when he suddenly got spooked and it was all over. I had to laugh at his antics and although he finished poorly, I was not disappointed in him. I could see real improvement in his early performance. He’s just a baby is my best excuse for him and he is still learning. I have such confidence in him, and know that he will be a great race horse.

Sun Catcher’s race was a learning experience. Again, we had to change jockeys because our chosen jockey got hurt in an earlier race. The new rider was not familiar with the horse and didn’t seem to keep him motivated — he is a colt and maybe had other things on his mind. Well, that race was a bust.

Tonight at Eleven’s race was a real disappointment for me. I know my favorite and I know he hates running on the inside. I hoped the jockey realized that too, but we were forced to change jockeys at the last minute. Our new rider took Tonight at Eleven to the inside and for him the race was over. As I have said in the past, a jockey can make or break you.

Then we had Mansion Mayhem run. We put an apprentice on him and he started okay. The jockey seemed hesitant to split horses and our horse lost stride. The jockey then made an attempt to go inside and gained a little, but again, not enough.

Finally some success. Kuro, one of our new horses, raced yesterday. The trainer told the jockey to be sure the horse could see daylight and he would be off. Oh well, the jockey got him behind horses and finally took him wide in the stretch. Kuro took off in a flash and came charging. Again, a little too late. We managed to place which at least wasn’t a total loss. But, had the trainer’s instruction been followed, I am sure we would have finally had a winner.

As we continue to struggle, I turned my attention as a distraction from what might be considered bad luck to Horseshoe Craft. Here is a picture of my latest creation. Hope you like it and I am hoping it will bring me some luck.


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