Turn It Around

Well, we have had a slow start at the meet at Turf Paradise. Some of the race selections have not been the best, primarily because the right races haven’t been available. Yesterday, Pursuxit did his best in a race that was too short for him. He came in third and I was so happy for him. He really needs to run a mile race, but none were available so he gave us a good effort running in a shorter race.

We are all lined up for this coming weekend and I am looking for continued progress. On Friday, we have our baby running in a turf race. We need to test him out on the turf and see if that is the best for him. Ocotillo, our 2-year old has only run in two races and is still learning. Of course we are also learning. I am not sure if we have found the perfect race for him, but trial and error will help us assess his progress.

On Saturday, we have Sun Catcher running on the turf. Sun Catcher is one of our newly acquired horses. When I watched him run, I was really excited about his prospects. Sun Catcher is a 3-year old colt. He is a beautiful colt with a reddish coat. Again we will see how this one does on the turf. He has the breeding for turf racing so we anticipate some success.

Sunday is our big day. My favorite Tonight at Eleven will be racing and we know that this is his race. It’s 7-1/2F on the turf. If we get a good ride, we should expect some success here. Tonight at Eleven’s sire is Thunder Gulch, a great turf runner. All things being equal, this should be our most successful race of the weekend. We also have Mansion Mayhem running on Sunday. This is a newly acquired horse which I think has not yet reached his potential. I could be wrong, but I think this horse has been underrated by its previous owners and if we treat him like the champion that he can be, he will rise to the challenge. I look forward to enjoying his horse become a favorite of many.

On Monday, Elusive Moment will be running for us. He will be running against some tough company in a Starter Stake, but if our rider gives us his best effort, I anticipate a good race.

So, we are looking to turn things around and enjoy a little success in this long weekend run. Keep your fingers crossed for us. We certainly need to have more smiling faces at the barn and a good weekend run will do the trick.

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