Looking for a WIN

Just starting the third week of the meet at Turf Paradise. Everyone is working hard getting their horses ready. I understand that there are about 1,400 horses at Turf Paradise and by the end of the year there should be over 2,000. Many of the horses were turned out for the summer and are getting back in shape to run.

Only a few of our horses were turned out all summer and they are making progress. Because the weather was so hot in Phoenix in September, we were forced to turn out some of our runners for just over 3 weeks. This has slowed their progress, so our trainer Drew Fulmer has been working them out getting them back into racing form.

We have had a slow start, but we are now ready for a win. This week we have Elusive Moment entered on Monday. On Tuesday Kuro (one of the horses we claimed at Fairplex) will be running. And our “Beauty Queen” Berry Valid is also entered to run on Tuesday. Our trainer has two of his horses running on Wednesday. It will be a busy week and we are hoping for success.

Keep your fingers crossed for us. We want to see a big smile on our trainer’s face and a win sure would help.

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