Opening Weekend at Turf Paradise

October 5th was opening day at Turf Paradise. This is our home for our horses and we are off and running. I invited friends and our new partners to join us for opening day. It was busy, crowded and exhausting.

We are all excited to be back for a new racing season. The joy of the sport is to share our triumphs and even failures with our friends and fellow owners and trainers. I know that our trainer Drew Fulmer has been working hard getting ready for the new season. He has the horses ready to go and has been diligent in selecting races for them.

I was glad we didn’t have any horses running on opening day. It was so busy — the crowds made me nervous — imagine how the horses that ran must have felt. For me it was a day to catch up on some old friends and to talk about future enterprises. We are in the process of putting together a new partnership opportunity for individuals new to the racing world with minimal financial exposure. We want to share the joy of racing and the exciting of thoroughbred ownership. I hope this endure will prove successful for all my friends who are supporting me in this effort.

As always, I took photo at the track and would like to share some of their smiles with you.

Denise - Owner and Joan - Future Owner

Denise – Owner and Joan – Future Owner

Alan Epstein, our Accountant

Alan Epstein, our Accountant

Dave - Friend and Future Owner

Dave – Friend and Future Owner

Kevin - Owner

Kevin – Owner

Carol -- Owner

Carol — Owner

Jerry -- Future Owner

Jerry — Future Owner

Now to Sunday, October 6th. Our baby, Ocotillo ran in the 3rd race. He was absolutely beautiful with his black coat shining on this brilliant Phoenix day. I was so pleased to see that he was calm and behaved well in the paddock. He was off to the races. Drew has been working with him and when it came time to enter the starting gate, he entered easy and relaxed. Ocotillo got out good, maybe a little slow but he was running. It was exciting to see his tail flying in the breeze. No, he didn’t win the race, but he is off to a good start. Remember, he’s our baby and he is still learning. My husband Bill who is normally more critical than I am, said “Don’t worry, he’ll come around.” I was pleased with his performance. His form was excellent and all he needs is a little extra push. We have a champion in the making. I am confident that he will have a great season — only time will tell.

I took a video of the paddock, but I too am a work in progress and could not get it to download into this post. I am still working at that, but I got this snapshot from the video so you can see just how beautiful Ocotillo is.

Snapshot 1 (10-7-2013 4-00 AM)

I promise to keep you updated on Ocotillo’s progress. Our trainer, Drew Fulmer told me he would be working with Ocotillo for a while before he runs again. I am in no hurry — he’s our baby! I am confident that Drew will work his “MAGIC” on this magnificent horse.

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