Through the Looking Glass — Here Comes Ocotillo

Hey, it’s me, Ocotillo. I am the youngest horse in Drew Fulmer’s barn and they call me the baby. As you probably already know, I am a 2-year old gelding.

Hope you like this picture of me, just chillin’.


Dorothy came to visit on Sunday and took this picture. I was relaxing and she just spoke to me softly. I didn’t have to look up to know that it was Dorothy. We had a pleasant conversation. Actually, she did all the talking, but I listened — I promise — I really listened. I am happy to hear her talking softly to me. I saw her talking to her favorite horse Tonight at Eleven that way and he looked happy. So when she came to talk to me, I felt happy too. She always has positive things to tell us and it makes me smile inside.

Dorothy told me how wonderful I looked and how grown up. She said my trainer, Drew Fulmer has been doing a good job with me and teaching how to be a real race horse and that I would soon be a champion. Wow — she really believes in me. That feels so nice.

We thought that I would be racing on Opening Day at Turf Paradise, but my trainer Drew Fulmer found a better race for me. So, I am off to the races on Sunday, October 6th.

Dorothy said it is the perfect day for me to race because it is one of her favorite crazy celebration days. She said it is “Mad Hatter Day”. I am not exactly sure what that means, but she said it is a day to celebration for no special reason. Dorothy said we will celebrate no matter how the race goes, because we can celebrate that I am becoming a great race horse. Because I am so young, I have plenty of time to prove myself so I guess we can celebrate that I am getting started.

Dorothy also said she is happy to see that I am in the sixth post position because six is her lucky number. Actually, she says she is not really superstitious, but you can’t question fate, or so she says.

So, as the Mad Hatter would say when asked if something is impossible, his reply is “Only if you believe it is”. Everything is possible, so we might be celebrating a win. Anyway, We will celebrate because we are happy that a new racing season is beginning. We are going to have the best season ever, at least that’s what Dorothy said and I believe her.

I have been working hard and doing everything that Drew has me practice. I am going to try my best to make him proud of me. Remember to look for Drew’s smile — I am going to try to make him have the biggest smile ever on Sunday.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that Jorge Carreno is going to be my jockey. Jorge is a graded stakes winning jockey and is ranked 53rd in 2013 — that’s really good!

I hope you will be watching for me on Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed that I remember all my lessons and wish me luck!

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