Back Home Again

What an exciting day! My horses have all arrived safely to Turf Paradise and we are getting ready for the most exciting year in our racing experience. We have added a few new horses and have a few new partners who are more than enthusiastic.

The horses arrived from California on Monday, and although I am just a stones throw away from the barn, I controlled my impulse to go and see them immediately. I knew that our trainer Drew Fulmer had a lot of work to do and he didn’t need anyone interfering with his task at hand. He also had to haul more horses that we had sent to the farm during the heat of the summer. Drew was too busy for dealing with owners or any other outside activities. Drew was exhausted from the long trek from California and his work still wasn’t done.

Well, today’s the day. Its Thursday and Drew has had some time to get things together. As I had said previously, he always tries to keep the owners happy, but the horses come first. Now that he has the horses settled and happy, Drew has time for the human element of the game.

We are all happy to welcome new owners, Kevin and Denise to our family and the horses were happy to see that they didn’t forget the carrots. I made an attempt to photograph the activities of the day, however the lighting was poor and the quality of the photos don’t reflect the beauty of my equine bunch. So I will attempt to take new pictures before the week is out to share with you.

I will make this post short and just thank Kevin and Denise for having confidence in us and joining our family.

I also need to thank our trainer Drew Fulmer for taking time for us today, and for being so diligent throughout the summer months in taking the best of care of our horses. And of course, special thanks to Drew for making two great claims while in Fairplex. We are happy to add Kuro and Sun Catcher to our family. I promise to give you a full run down on these two new members and hopefully get some great photos of these two newcomers.

Don’t forget Opening Day at Turf Paradise — October 5th!

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