Ocotillo’s Update — Almost Home!

Ocotillo -- 2-year old gelding

Ocotillo — 2-year old gelding

Hi! Its me again — Ocotillo, the youngest member of Drew Fulmer’s barn.

We are almost ready to hit the road.  The last races for Drew Fulmer’s barn will be on Friday with Tonight at Eleven and on Saturday, Pursuxit will give it a try.

In case you haven’t read about Tonight at Eleven, he is Dorothy’s favorite horse.  Dorothy treats him like a champion and he responds to that. Others have disregarded his potential and I think he looses faith in himself because of it. The mind set of a race is so important not only for the owners and trainers but also for the horses. Horses that are regarded has the best of the best, usually end up being the best of the best. I am not sure how this actually works, I just know in my heart that it does.

His performance has only been adequate during the summer. Drew is hoping Tonight at Eleven will get a good ride and a good position in the field. Tonight at Eleven was at the top of his game when he was claimed away from Drew’s care.  I heard it changed him a lot. 

Dorothy regrets their losing him at a time when he should have excelled.  Dorothy wasn’t concerned about the purse money that he should have generated.  She said she felt bad that they ruined his career.  It might seem trivial to some, but it is important to her that her favorite horse be appreciated and respected by others.  There is no way of making up for the lost time and after having been claimed, Tonight at Eleven came home ill.  He is such a great horse but he seems to have lost his edge.  Dorothy said there is no way of replaying that or regaining the lost youth. Tonight at Eleven will continue to race and be successful, but what could have been will never be. We’re hoping tomorrow will be his day and this will be his race. Only time will tell — Dorothy said its fate, although I am not quite sure what that means.

On Saturday, it’s a tough race for Pursuxit, but its Drew’s last chance for this meet so its time to just go for it. Both of these horses are very good runners, so we have to just wish them the best and be happy that they are racing, which is something both of these runners love.

Hopefully by the end of Sunday, we will be on our way home. It has been a long summer for Drew and he is ready for a break and ready to get home.

He managed to get some new horses for the barn and everyone is looking forward to a great meet at Turf Paradise.

Opening Day at Turf Paradise is October 5th. This is a clip from Turf Paradise’s website:

“(Phoenix) With stables expected to be at capacity of 2,000 race horses, Turf Paradise is set to open its 58th season of racing.

A 155-day race meet will run from October 5 thru May 6. Live racing will be conducted Saturday thru Wednesday.

Over 200 trainers from 24 states and four provinces of Canada have been allotted stalls for the upcoming meet. Last season’s leading trainer Miguel Silva is back with 56 horses as is leading stakes trainer, Canadian-based Robertino Diodoro with 60 horses. In fact, all of the top 10 trainers will be returning for the new season.

Jockey leader Geovanni Franco along with top runner-ups Scott Stevens, Anne Von Rosen and Daniel Vergara are returning as Turf Paradise starts its 58th season.

Turf Paradise opened its doors in 1956 and has operated at the same location (15th Avenue and Bell) ever since making it Arizona’s first sports franchise”

So we will soon be on the road — I will send an update of the race results, good or bad just before we start our trip home. Wish my friends and stable mates the best of luck on Friday and Saturday, and as Drew always says, “Keep Your Fingers Crossed”.

Tonight at Eleven

Tonight at Eleven

Pursuxit followed by Renegade Cielo, owned and trained by Drew Fulmer.  Wow, Drew got 1st and 2nd!

Pursuxit followed by Renegade Cielo, owned and trained by Drew Fulmer. Wow, Drew got 1st and 2nd!

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