Ocotillo’s Update — Getting Ready to Come Home to Turf Paradise

Here I am again to give you my update. If you know me, I am Ocotillo, the youngest horse in Drew Fulmer’s barn and apparently the designated reporter for Dorothy at least while we’re still here in California.

Great news from yesterday. Drew claimed another horse. My new stable mate is named Sun Catcher. Sun Catcher is a 3-year old colt. He came in 2nd in yesterday’s race. Drew was pleased with his efforts and also happy that he didn’t win the race because he still has the condition. For those of you who don’t know a lot about conditions, it means that he can run in a race with the same condition since he didn’t win the race. If he had won the race, he would have had to go into a harder race. But, he is so good, I am sure he will be very successful.

Sun Catcher’s new owners are Drew Fulmer (trainer), Dorothy and her husband Bill and their new partners Kevin and his wife Denise. I sure hope Dorothy remembers to tell Kevin and Denise how much we love carrots! Tonight at Eleven told me to be sure they know about that. Anyway, we will be happy to meet them soon.

Dorothy said she is “over the moon” about Sun Catcher. I am not exactly sure what that means, but I think it’s good. I heard Drew say that the horse looked GREAT after the race and that he liked him a lot. I could tell that Drew liked him because even though he had a long tiring day, he had a big smile on his face! That’s always a good sign.

Oh, and I am happy to report that although Drew had to take care of Sun Catcher, he found time to take care of me and I am still his baby!

Dorothy asked Drew to send her pictures. But wouldn’t you know it, although Drew is the greatest trainer for us, he is not the best with technology. Actually, he was taking care of us and watering us down, and tried to talk on the phone at the same time. That’s when he dropped the phone in a bucket of water. He says the phone still works sort of, but with limited capability. Dorothy just laughed at him and will have to wait for pictures. So, until we get home and Dorothy does a “Photo Op”, whatever that is, you won’t get a new picture of me or my new stable mates. Dorothy plans a “Photo Op” with the new owners as well, so you will soon see all of us.

Oh and Dorothy said I can brag about myself. On Saturday, I had an official workout. There were 9 horses being time-tested and I ranked 3rd out of the 9 with a time of 36.3 for 3F. I could tell that Drew was proud of my performance by the big smile on his face — again!!

the baby

I think that might mean I am getting ready for a race. I think I am scheduled to run in a 2-year old trial on opening day at Turf Paradise. Wish me luck!

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