Ocotillo’s News from Fairplex Park, Pamona, CA

the babyIt’s me again, Ocotillo, the youngest horse in Drew Fulmer’s barn. As I have said before, I am a 2-year old gelding. Since I am not quite ready to race, I have time to observe and report the activity at our barn.

Well, it’s been a tough summer for our trainer Drew Fulmer. Our horses have not accomplished everything Drew had hoped, but we will soon be home at Turf Paradise.

On Friday, Drew ran around like a chicken with his head cut off. He tried to get me some new stable mates. He worked really hard and I could tell that he was exhausted by the end of the day. Sometimes I worry that he works to hard, but I think he really likes training us, so I think it’s fun for him too. I could see that he was busy, but very excited today trying to get some new horses.

At last, he was successful in getting a new horse for our barn. Drew dropped three claims on Friday and lost the shake on two of those claims. In case you don’t know, when more than one trainer tries to claim a horse, the winner is chosen by draw. This is called a shake and Drew was “out-shook” twice. Success on the third claim.

Drew claimed a beauty named Kuro. He is a gelding and he ran a very impressive race. Elusive Moment was in the same race and didn’t do very well, so I hope they can still be friends. I guess only time will tell.

Actually, Drew said Elusive Moment just doesn’t seem to like this track. Being so young, I am not sure how that really goes. I guess in time, I will be able to experience the feel of the different tracks. I know that the track here is deeper than the Turf Paradise track. I don’t think Elusive Moment likes that. The track is also smaller and so the turns are sharp and sometimes I heard that they are harder to manage.

So, I now have a new stable mate by the name of Kuro. I hope he will give me some tips, because I heard he is quite impressive. We also have two new owners. I heard their names are Kevin and Denise. Kevin and Denise are part owners of Kuro. Apparently, Dorothy talked to Denise and they are really exciting about being part of our racing family. I look forward to meeting them too. I hope they know that we like carrots!

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