Ocotillo’s Impressions of California

the babyIt’s me again, Ocotillo. If you don’t already know me, I am the youngest horse in Drew Fulmer’s barn. I am a two-year old gelding and everything is new and exciting to me. We live in Phoenix, AZ most of the year at Turf Paradise. We were in New Mexico for the summer where it is a lot cooler. There were races for Drew’s horses at Fairplex and Albuquerque Downs, but we were really looking forward to our trip to California.

Yeah!! We’re in California at last!! Well It was a long ride, but we got here safe and sound.

As soon as we got here, I looked for the ferris wheel that Tonight at Eleven told me about. Wow, there it was and it’s really big!


So this is the ferris wheel that frightened Tonight at Eleven. I am so glad that he told me about it because I probably would have been at least a little scared if I hadn’t expected it. The humans seem to have a lot of fun riding on it, but it is really high!

The humans are so excited here. This is home of the LA County Fair. I also heard that they have games and contests at this fair. There are even farm animals here. Oh and they have music. I like music as long as it’s not too loud. Drew plays music for us and I think that sometimes he even sings along when no one else is listening.

Anyway, I am sure that the thoroughbred race horses are the prettiest animals here and I know we are the most exciting. Everyone seems to be glad to see us. There is nothing as exciting as horse racing, or at least that’s what I think.

I didn’t know it could be so much fun being a race horse. We get to see all kinds of new places and watch the human enjoy a lot of entertainment. I have stable mates that are really my friends and have helped me understand so much. The best advice of course comes from my trainer and now my best friend, Drew Fulmer. He is the one who makes sure that we are all well taken care of, so we are always happy to see his smiling face. He really does smile a lot.

I hope we will have some winning races, because then Drew really smiles the best. I know that Tonight at Eleven, Elusive Moment and Pursuxit will be racing for sure. I hope you will watch for their races and wish them luck. They are all good runners and I want to see them win so that Drew will be proud of them.

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