Ocotillo’s Update

the baby

Hi, it’s me again, Ocotillo. If you read my story you will already know me. I am the youngest horse in Drew Fulmer’s barn. I am a 2-year old gelding and everything that goes on is of interest to me. Everything is new and often exciting.

My friend and stablemate Tonight at Eleven told me that we would be moving soon. We are heading for California by early September. Tonight at Eleven said that we will be at a race track called Fairplex in Pamona, California. I don’t know anything about this new place, but I am happy that Drew is going to take me too.

Tonight at Eleven said there is a ferris wheel at Fairplex that he really didn’t like. He said the humans rode on it and made a lot of noise and it frightened him. I don’t know what this ferris wheel thing is but I am anxious to find out for myself. As long as I don’t have to ride on it, I am okay with the humans making noise.

I heard that only the best horses would be going to California. I guess that makes me feel proud, but I must admit that I may only continue to train in California. I heard Drew say that the track at Fairplex is smaller and the turns are sharp, so he wasn’t sure if he would enter me in a race there. I think he will let me run there and see how it goes. So I might race, but it really doesn’t matter to me as long as I can be with Drew. He takes such good care of me, and I feel happy being with the best horses.

We will ride in Drew’s trailer. He is very careful when he loads us in and makes sure we have enough water and there’s always hay for us. The first time he took me for a long ride was when we left Phoenix for New Mexico. At first I was reluctant, but when I saw that the other horses were comfortable, I settled down and it was actually fun to be riding with Drew behind the wheel. He is a very safe driver and we had a good trip.

Going to California might take a little longer, but I am confident that Drew will make sure that we will all arrive safely.

I know for sure that Tonight at Eleven will go to California and also Pursuxit and Elusive Moment. I also heard Drew talking about claiming some new horses in California. I didn’t know exactly what that meant or how it would affect me. Pursuxit said that Drew always claims new horses, but he never forgets about the rest of the horses he already has. I guess it’s time for him to add some new horses to the barn. It is a continuing business and Katie’s Dan was retired at the end of the Turf Paradise season.

I also heard that there are some new owners that will be around our barn at Turf Paradise. This seems exciting to me because I know that Dorothy always brings us carrots and peppermints, so maybe we’ll get even more treats with more humans around.

I hope you will be watching our trainer Drew Fulmer at Fairplex and wish him the best of luck with us.

The new season at Turf Paradise opens on October 5th. I heard that I should be racing on opening day in a 2-year old trial race. I hope you can come and see me run. I plan to try my best but I need all the encouragement I can get. Remember, I am just a youngster. I don’t consider myself a baby any longer because I have really grown up and have learned a lot from my trainer and good friend, Drew Fulmer.

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2 Responses to Ocotillo’s Update

  1. larkhills says:

    Coming from the UK I am enjoying your blogs about racing in the US. I am learning loads! One of our trainers horses has been sold to the US. He is called For Non Stop and will be entered in the American National at Far Hills in October. We will all miss him as he is a lovely character.

  2. dotstry says:

    I will be watching for FOR NON STOP — thanks for the compliment, I am glad to share my limited knowledge.

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