Lucky Horseshoes

Why are horseshoes considered lucky? Apparently there are several myths about the luck of horseshoes.

The most commonly told story that I found was from the 10th century. Apparently the Archbishop of Canterbury also moonlighted as a horseshoer. One late night, as he was forging, a cloven-footed Satan appeared at the door and demanded that his shoes be repaired. The Archbishop Dunstan fearing the wrath of the demon, agreed.

With the leg of Satan lashed to his anvil, he made a demand of the Prince of Darkness. His demand was that Satan never menace a house that had a horseshoe nailed over the doorway. Satan agreed and apparently has stuck to the deal to this day. The tale continues with the instruction to mail the horseshoe with the open end up preventing the luck from running out.

wall of fame

The above photo is of what I call my “Wall of Fame”. This is the wall in our informal dining area off our kitchen and has photos of our most recent Thoroughbred Racing wins. There are also horseshoes nailed to the wall — the shoes are from our first two horses, Dress Blues and Tonight at Eleven.

One important thing that I read about the horseshoe superstitution is that the horseshoes have to be used, not new and shouldn’t be purchased. They need to either be found or be a gift.

We’re still in the Thoroughbred Racing business so either the horseshoes are working for us or its just that we have an exceptional trainer, Drew Fulmer and some pretty special horses.

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