When I pass the barns at Turf Paradise, I can see that they are all empty. The horses will soon return and we all look forward to seeing them again. They bring joy and peace to the area. Turf Paradise’s opening day is October 5th, but the horses will be arriving in early September. Then we will see them galloping in the early mornings getting ready for an exciting season. We’re almost there!

As a horse owner, I must confess that when things get too mundane, I can always depend on my horses to bring out the sunshine in my life.

My family is grown and my five children are all leading their own exciting lives. But I am not empty-nested because I have my second family — my equine family. My husband and I live only about five minutes away from where the horses are so seeing them regularly is easy.

Going to the barn early in the morning brings all the peace and tranquility that I need. It can be as quiet as a church with God’s magnificent creatures just waiting for a kind word, a tender touch or a sweet carrot.

I was told that when you are in the thoroughbred business that you should not become attached to the horses. They can be claimed at any time. I have my one favorite, Tonight at Eleven, but I would miss any that are no longer with us.

Each of the horses has a distinct personality and some are more affectionate than others. They are all good listeners though. So, when life gets too demanding, a trip to the barn can ease all my worries and I have sunshine in my life. I am pleased to share these pictures of some of my equine children at the barn!

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