If Horses Could Talk

Renegade Cielo is the oldest horse in Drew Fulmer’s barn.  He is owned and trained by Drew and is a constant reminder of how well Drew takes care of the horses.   Renegade Cielo is a 10-year old gelding and still an active participant in the racing world.


Renegade Cielo is a big but extremely gentle horse.  His last win was on Drew’s birthday.  Renegade Cielo was in the 9th race at Turf Paradise.  As the horses were being brought to the Paddock, the score board lit up with the words “Happy Birthday Drew Fulmer”.

Drew tried to keep his birthday on the down low but was surprised and teased at the birthday announcement.  The announcer continued to give the details of all the runners in the race but when he got to Renegade Cielo, he made special note of Drew’s Birthday.

Well, the race was off and what would only happen in a Hollywood movie, Renegade Cielo won the race, as the announcer shouted “A Birthday Win for Drew Fulmer”.  Somewhat red in the face, Drew made it to the winner’s circle and knew that if horses could talk, Renegade Cielo was wishing him a Happy Birthday.  This is truly a love story of a horse for his owner/trainer and friend.

Lifetime, Renegade Cielo has earned over $87,000 and is  still going strong.   He broke his maiden on September 14, 2006 in a $20,000 maiden claiming race.  It was a six horse field.  Renegade Cielo is the only horse of the six that is still racing in 2013.

He is entered to run in the 6th race at Albuquerque Downs on August 9th.

I hope everyone who reads my post will keep their fingers crossed and wish the best for this grand old warrior.

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3 Responses to If Horses Could Talk

  1. saraannon says:

    Thoroughbreds need more trainers like Drew and more stories like this out in the world!

  2. kayuk says:

    That really does show good horsemanship. Most TB’s don’t race more than a few years.

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