Beauty Queen — Berry Valid

Berry Valid is the most beautiful horse in our barn.  If all her contests were beauty contests she would win hands down.  She is also a flirt.  I have seen her interact with men more positively than women.  It is because of her alluring presence that she is my son’s favorite.

Berry Valid closing for the win!

Berry Valid closing for the win!

She’s also a Texan!  Foaled on March 24, 2007, her parents are Valid Expectations and Be Berry Quiet, thus her name Berry Valid.

We claimed Berry Valid On January 23, 2012.  She was entered in an Allowance Optional Claiming race to run on February 11th.

This is the first time I not only disagreed with our trainer, I was angry that he wouldn’t scratch her from the race.  I was afraid that the race was way over her head.  Well, as usually, our trainer, Drew Fulmer made a sound decision.  Although she didn’t win, Berry Valid came in 3rd.  I was amazed!  I guess that’s about the time I decided not to question his decisions when it came to the horses.

We have definitely had our ups and downs with Berry Valid, but she is meant to be in our barn.  Someone had expressed interested in her and I thought it might be a good thing to let her go.  Apparently Berry Valid wasn’t ready to leave us.  She was scheduled to race and a new owner would come for her shortly thereafter.  Just before race time, Berry Valid kicked the wall in her stall and hurt her leg.  She was scratched from the race and the individual was no longer interested in purchasing her.

Berry Valid realized that she had better pay her way and finally on April 9th, she won a race for us.  Geovanni Franco gave her as perfect a ride as could  be expected.  He let her run her race and kept her just off the pace.   Patiently he followed the leaders and when a spot opened, Franco urged Berry Valid and she took off.  It was a wonderful race and Berry Valid proved she was as good as Drew Fulmer thought.

berrywinsHere’s a photo of Berry Valid crossing the finish line with Geovanni Franco on board.

On Saturday morning I sent out a tweet that Berry Valid was running in Albuquerque and we needed some positive energy.  My audience didn’t fail me.  Berry Valid ran an impressive race and was just caught in the final stretch.  She finished 2nd, much to my delight.

After the race I texted our trainer that Tonight at Eleven (my favorite horse) ordered carrots for all the horses in the barn to celebrate Berry Valid’s race and trainer Drew Fulmer was happy to oblige.

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