The Curse

There is a great deal of superstitions that accompanies any gambling activity.  Horse racing is no exception.  My story however may be superstition, fantasy or just karma.  I will leave you to decide.

What seems now like a lifetime ago, after graduating from college, I took a teaching position at a private high school/junior college in Jamaica.  Jamaica is an island in the Carribean.  It was very exciting to go to this tropical paradise.  Adjustment was hard at first, but I was young and fearless.

Fortunately, I made several friends.  I was also fortunate to get the support of many business leaders in the area who were active in helping the school both financially and academically.  With popularity, comes jealousy and I suppose I had my share of both.

I came to appreciate and understand much of the cultural diversity of the island.

The culture in Jamaica is peppered with a variety of religious beliefs.  Among them, is Obeah.  Obeah is a religious belief of African origin practiced in some parts of the West Indies and has been associated with sorcery.

To my surprise, I received an invitation from a woman who had been noted as being active in the practice of Obeah.  She asked that I visit her at her home and sent a car for me.  Being young, I was interested in her invitation.

She conducted what some might consider a reading.  She told me that there were individuals who were jealous of my success and would attempt to harm me.

She asked me to do her a favor.  Her daughter was just finishing high school and she wanted me to help the daughter enroll in University in the USA.  I was more than willing to assist the daughter in any way I could.

In exchange, the mother gave me a “protection ceremony” to perform for my personal safety.  She said that although throughout my life there would be individuals who were unjust to me, the ceremony would protect me from mortal harm.

When I returned to my apartment in Jamaica, I decided to perform the ceremony, very little of which I can remember, but I know it involved turning around three times and repeating some words.

Over the year, as probably in anyone’s life, I have experienced harmful or hurtful individuals.  Time and time again, I have watched as dreadful things have happened to them.

Well, now to the race track.  I wrote a blog about my favorite race horse named Tonight at Eleven.  As I had said in the post, Tonight at Eleven was claimed by two other trainers.  I was heartbroken.  I could have accepted any other horse being claimed but not my Tonight at Eleven.

Well, during the time that each of those trainers were in possession of Tonight at Eleven, they did not win a single race.  Maybe it’s coincidence, or karma — or could it be the curse?

When we finally got Tonight at Eleven back, he ran in a race where a jockey fowled him and cost him the race.  The stewards apparently didn’t see the fowl which can easily happen.

The very next time that jockey rode in a race, he was thrown from the horse and sustained a serious injury which cost him the remainder of the racing season.  It could be coincidence or karma — or could it be the curse?  I leave it to your imagination.

Tonight at Eleven cooling down after a race.eleven

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