You may have read about me if you read Ocotillo’s story.   My name is Junior.   I belong to Drew Fulmer, a professional thoroughbred horse trainer.  I live at Drew Fulmer’s barn with the race horses.

When I was born, I think I was expected to be a fighting cock, but I was a little too small.   As fate would have it, I ended up at the barn of Drew Fulmer, who says he likes chickens.  Well, I am sure he realizes that I am not a chicken, I’m a rooster.  Most of the time I am in a cage, but as you can see from the picture, I am allowed to take a walk.  When I am let out of the cage, Drew puts a string on my leg so that its easier to catch me.  I really am fast and freedom feels nice, so I may not always be easy to catch.  As I said, I was suppose to be a fighter, so I am tough — Drew has to use gloves when he handles me.

As you probably heard, I am the horses’ lookout.  I think I may also be considered a mascot or lucky charm, but of that I can’t be certain.

I have a wonderful life, living with the horses,  The barn is busy, but also very peaceful.  I also get to travel with Drew and the horses.  Right now, we are in New Mexico, but we’ll be back at Turf Paradise in time for the new season which opens October 5th.

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