greycroppedGrey Moon vied two across, drew off along the backstretch and extended his lead while being ridden out.  Grey Moon broke his maiden and won by 7 3/4 lengths.

We claimed Grey Moon on
December 2nd, 2012.  It was a four-way shake and we won the shake — maybe that’s a sign of good fortune, but only time will tell.

Shortly thereafter Grey Moon was entered in a race.  It proved to be a total disaster!  It would definitely be an understatement to say his behavior was far from acceptable.  He flipped in the Paddock and had to be scratched from the race.  He behaved so dangerously that he was not allowed to race at Turf Paradise until he was further schooled and proved he was manageable in the paddock.  This was definitely a learning experience for me, but I do understand that the track has to take precautions to keep everyone safe.  Horses are large powerful animals that weigh over 1,000 pounds and their strength must be respected.

Fortunately for us and Grey Moon, our trainer Drew Fulmer rose to the challenge and worked with this bad boy.  Finally on February 4th, Grey Moon was ready to race and came in 3rd.  His winning race took place on February 16th when he broke his maiden and won by 7-3/4 lengths which was quite impressive.  I am sure that without the tutelage of trainer Drew Fulmer, we never would have made it to the winner’s circle.  Drew definitely worked his “magic” on Grey Moon.

Although Grey Moon has not won another race this season, he has significantly improved in the paddock and at the gate.   I am confident that Grey Moon will overcome his anxieties and will be our rising star at Turf Paradise.

My belief in Grey Moon’s continued improvement was further reinforced after reading an article about his sire, Tiznow.   Tiznow was a late developing horse and broke his maiden in his third start.  By the end of 2000 Tiznow won five of nine starts and won the Breeders’ Cup Classic that year.   The following year Tiznow won another Breeders’ Cup Classic and is the only horse to win back-to-back Breeders’ Cup Classics.

I  also learned that typically Tiznow’s progeny  improve with age, and that was good enough for me to feel assured of Grey Moon’s future as a race horse.  Grey Moon can run really fast, so all he needs is the guidance he will get from our experienced fearless trainer, Drew Fulmer.

Of course, I also plan to have a serious talk with Grey Moon so that he truly understands his legacy and will become my rising star.

Much of Grey Moon’s problem is that he seems to panic in the Paddock.  Once he is on the track he settles down.  Unfortunately, he uses so much energy in the preparation stage that he tires in the stretch.

In a recent interview with DRF, world renowned trainer Bob Baffert said “you want to keep a horse from panicking . . . they might be dead fit, but if they get to panicking, they’re out of gas.”

Working with a horse like Grey Moon takes a lot of determination, caution and patience, so, we are thankful to have an enthusiastic trainer like Drew Fulmer in charge.

The next time Grey Moon races, we will be holding our breathe and keeping our fingers crossed.  No doubt, Grey Moon is a “work in progress”, however  Drew’s 20+ years of experience and expertise will be sufficient to meet this challenging racer.

Look for Grey Moon at Turf Paradise in October.  He is sure to delight!

greymoonwinsHere’s Grey Moon crossing the finish line on the day he broke his maiden, with jockey Vicky Baze.

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