As an owner of thoroughbred race horses, it is my hope that I can tell some of my stories and share the joy and thrills that I have experienced as a horseman.  My husband
Bill and I became horse owners on October 18, 2010.

I never would have guessed that I would ever be the owner of a race horse and at present we have two horses that we own outright and an additional six horses which we own in partnership with our trainer.  Our experience started when my husband said it was always his dream to own a race horse.  To be honest, I thought it was a totally ridiculous idea, but I was willing to meet with a trainer and hear about this venture.  My husband’s health has been poor so I decided that if that was on his “bucket list”, we would give it a try.  Our first horse was Dress Blues and she was claimed at Turf Paradise.  Her first race for us was on November 7th and she came in 2nd.  The jockey told us what a great horse she was and that she had a lot of heart.  I was so excited.  This seemed easy and we made $1,600 on that race.  Wow!!

I was hooked and on November 27th we claimed our second thoroughbred.  His name is Tonight at Eleven.  I will let them tell you their stories with my next few posts.

Well I guess I was pretty naïve about the horse racing game.  It is a tough business and winning a race can be quite a challenge.  The old Irish saying that the best horse doesn’t always win is so true.

I have come to learn so much about horses and horse racing.  It has brought me a great deal of joy.  Gambling is not really my thing.  I have come to appreciate the horses for their beauty and grace.  It is amazing to me what different personalities they have.  I enjoy visiting them at the barn, giving them treats and having conversations with them.  They are the best listeners!

Of course I am always happy to cheer for them when they race and even more thrilled when we make it to the winners’ circle!

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  1. So exciting that God has given you this opportunity and to be winning is a testimony for your great fortune. May God continue to bless you with wisdom and insight. Keep going after those dreams and keep writing about your horse- I will look forward to reading and reliving your experiences. sell your unwanted tack, clothing, horses, horse related equipment!

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